Pique Cotton: The most common material from which polo shirts are made. A medium weight cotton with a raised woven design characterized by parallel cords.

Pima Cotton: High quality grade cotton that is ultra soft yet has exceptional strength and firmness.

Poly-Cotton Blend: Combined strands of cotton and polyester that blend to make a comfortable fabric. It is soft and moisture absorptive while having a no-iron crispness of polyester. The blend is very durable, breathable, and less likely to lose its color.

Mercerized Cotton: Treated cotton fabric that gives a shimmering, lustrous appearance. This fabric is stronger and smoother than conventional cotton. Iron on low settings.

Combed Cotton: Very soft cotton that has been treated before spun into yarn. The treatment is a combing procedure that removes short fibers.

Cotton Jersey: Similar to t-shirt type fabrics. It is lightweight, smooth, soft and stretches.

Interlock Cotton: A double-knit fabric that is softer, warmer, and heavier than cotton jersey.

Tennis Tail: Where the back portion of the polo shirt extends lower than the front.

Placket (Closure): The center front of a polo shirt where the buttons are attached.

Modern/Slim Fit: Is a fashion forward fit that fits closer to the body all around. It typically has tighter and shorter arm sleeves.

Classic Fit: In between the modern/slim fit and the relaxed fit. A more traditional fit.

Relaxed Fit: Fits loose on the body with more room in the chest and torso. The arm sleeves are also more roomy and longer.